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Image, Motive, Pose:
Artist Seeks Sitters

Nine portraits are presented from the series Image, Motive, Pose: Artist Seeks Sitters which examines the mechanics and motivations of posing and portraiture. Classified advertisements were placed on websites calling for people to pose for a portrait in their home. Sitters chose where to sit, how to dress, and in negotiation with the artist, how to pose.

Image, Motive, Pose presents personal performance within an enterprise that treads the boundary between the private and the public. The photographs raise questions about personal motives and motivation, and point towards the wider issue of representation in a world where one's personal image is seen as valuable currency.

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Lucy, 'Would love to sit as a model for you!'


Edmund, 'I wondered what you['d] make of me'


Becca, 'Very interested in sitting ... ASAP.'


Chris, 'U have space for my son and I?'


Aleks, 'Portraits ... are the most powerful thing.'


Guida, 'A photo would definitely help.'


Andy, 'Spotted your ad ... give me a nudge.'


Ana, 'She told me [all] about the experience.'


Jo, 'I think you might be interested in portraying me.'