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Urination Liberation

A Modern Bohemian

Using the media of video and photography, these works deconstruct ways of looking at femininity and masculinity and, in the process, question traditional boundaries of gender identity as well as conventions of self-representation. By referring to recently introduced gender-neutral toilets, the video Urination Liberation challenges the ways in which gender stereotypes, such as the ubiquitous signage for single-sex bathrooms, have become symptomatic of rigid segregation. The series of photographic portraits, A Modern Bohemian, references Gustave Courbet's self-depictions from the mid-19th century, to explore the notion of the artist as a challenging other, relating this to the present.

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Untitled 1 from the series 'A Modern Bohemian'


Untitled 2 from the series 'A Modern Bohemian'


Untitled 3 from the series 'A Modern Bohemian'


Untitled 4 from the series 'A Modern Bohemian'


Untitled 5 from the series 'A Modern Bohemian'


Still from the video 'Urination Liberation'