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Two Homes

"To bring out the best in parents, we must leave them full responsibility with regard to what is their own affair; the upbringing of their own family"

— D.H. Winnicott

Two Homes documents the parallels of my child's two households and the ever-evolving relationships within them. Using comparative diptychs of seemingly mundane routines, the work gives candid insight into this alternative family unit and challenges the concept of a traditional nuclear family. The images illustrate subtle connotations of gender in each household, resulting in an honest and sometimes humorous view of gender relations in a separated domestic partnership.

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Furze Croft, Front Door; Portland Road, Front Door


Furze Croft, Couch; Portland Road, Couch


Furze Croft, Bath; Portland Road, Bath


Furze Croft, Dinner; Portland Road, Dinner


Furze Croft, Fridge; Portland Road, Fridge


Furze Croft, Bed; Portland Road, Bed